Electricians In Caerphilly

As electricians in Caerphilly and surrounding areas, BJR Group offer a wide range of services to any project whether big or small.The range of services include:

Electrical Installations

We offer a full electrical service for domestic, but we also have a sister company that services the commercial sector, giving us the ability to cater for all your electrical requirements. For this service please contact BJR Group

Full and part re-wires

If your electrical installation is old and breaking down or your periodic testing is showing a re-wire or part re-wire is required, we will be happy to help. Electrical installations deteriorate over time making them less fit for purpose. You also may decide it is just time to upgrade. BJR Group should be your first port of call, we are up to date with the latest training and wiring regulations. For this service please contact BJR Group

Consumer unit upgrades

Maybe your wiring in your property or business is still in a good condition, but your consumer unit is outdated. BJR Group can upgrade your consumer unit with a choice of Split Board or RCBO board with surge protection. Both board offer RCD additional protection from faults. The difference being with the split board there are often more than one circuit protected by each RCD but with an RCBO board every circuit includes fault protection and additional protection in one making faults in the future easier to find. Whatever your choice BJR Group can install it for you. For this service please contact BJR Group

Inspection and testing

If you choose BJR group to re-wire your home, upgrade your consumer unit, add an additional circuit or even just extend a circuit we will provide you with a relevant certificate to show that the test results and all works completed by us has passed the required tests.

It may also be the case that you would like your existing installation inspected and tested to make sure it is in good condition. This can happen when moving into a new home or when you decide to rent out your home. For this service please contact BJR Group.

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) testing

If you choose to offer your home to the rental market and leave any electrical appliances for the tenant that is moving in, they will require a portable Appliance Test known as PAT test. This test confirms that the appliance is suitable, performing optimally and above all safely. BJR Group are happy to provide this service. For this service please contact BJR Group.

Fault finding

There is always a time that we experience a fault in our electrical systems. BJR Group have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you find your fault, explain the best course of action and repair the problem. We do all this in a timely and professional manner. Emergency call outs are available when required. For this service please contact BJR Group.

Garden lighting and power

We all enjoy spending time in our gardens, whether it is our Jacuzzi, BBQ or entertaining. A great addition to any garden or outdoor space is effective lighting that sets off the mood in your garden. The addition of some outdoor sockets can make all the difference when cutting the lawn or plugging in your appliances and not requiring the extension lead. Your outdoor socket can also be a WIFI extender to bring that all important internet connection wirelessly to your garden. For an outdoor lighting design please contact BJR Group.

Additional sockets or lighting

Even for something simple like adding additional sockets or lights BJR electricians are happy to help whether indoors or outdoors. For this service please contact BJR Group.

Smart home technology

Technology plays a large part in our lives and is only set to expand and improve as we go forward. BJR electricians are happy to advise and design your ‘smart home’ with appliances that can be controlled from your smart phone, by voice (Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc.) and over the internet. Devices that are now often seen include:

Wireless video doorbells (Ring, Nest and more).

CCTV systems that secure your property by providing video and audio recording that you can access anywhere.

Switches and sockets in your home that can control individual appliances or all your lighting and all your appliances.

Controlling the temperature in your home.

Even if you have gone out and forgot to turn off your hair straighteners, if it is plugged into your smart home device it can be turned off from your phone or computer. For this service please contact BJR Group.

Sound and vision installations

We all love to watch a good movie or listen to our favourite music. BJR Group have the skills to build you a customised sound and visual system with the desired mood lighting to give you that fantastic experience. Installing that 65” TV, surround sound system with your choice of gaming system to control it all and neatly done with all the cables out of view. Install systems that deliver audio throughout your home and listen to different music in each room, and at the same time if required. All of this and more is available with new technology. For this service please contact BJR Group.


Security is now a high priority for many with increasing crime and your personal possessions to protect. BJR Group offer a full inspection and advisory service on your security requirements and offer a tailored solution that will serve your needs. We specialise in wired and wireless CCTV systems with professional installations. Additional security systems are also available like door entry systems, gate-controlled entry systems. No matter what your requirements please contact BJR Group